Configuring Asana Tab within MS Teams channel to display specific Asana Project's tasks

We use Asana in parallel with Microsoft Teams so we were excited to see the Asana tab option within a Microsoft Teams Channel (see image). We have configured Asana and Microsoft teams to mirror each other where there is a MS Teams channel for every Asana project. In this tab within a Teams channel, it would be huge win to show the Asana tasks list from the Asana Project the MS Teams channel references. At initial config and within Settings, the only setting is Asana Workspace… our hope is there is a way to select the Asana project and see those tasks in this tab within Teams.

It looks like this should be possible because in the Asana tab, it says “To see an existing project here, visit the Guide.” That’s exactly what we would like to do but we can’t find anything in the guide that says how to do this!

Please help!

Hi David :wave:

What you could try doing is to add Asana as a website;

  1. In your team, click on “Add a tab”

  2. Select “Website”

  3. Add your Asana project URL (and repeat with multiple tabs if needed)

  4. Login in Asana (once)

  5. Profit :grin:

(sorry for low quality, that’s a screenshot from a video)

Hope that helps

Hi, thanks for this tip, I’m having a similar problem. When I try this I get into a login loop where it keeps asking for my asana details. Any idea why that is happening?
Also, do you know what the asana tab feature the OP used is meant to do?

Hi, I am having this same problem about the login loop. Did you manage to find a solution?

Hi @Eliot_Dixon @Becky_Taylor

I have no idea why the login loops sorry; it works for me (just tested today to login).
Maybe something related to your network rights?

You might want to contact the support team on this page : Asana Support - Help Center • Asana

Simply talk to the chatbot, and ask him to open a ticket.

All the best with Asana

Same here! I just checked a few minutes ago

Hi, no solution so far but we have found that it works in the original teams, it’s just “new” teams which causes issues.

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