Connect to Asana - Microsoft Teams not loading

I have added the Asana app to Microsoft Teams, but I cannot add it to a created meeting with the ‘+’ or to a tab of a team. The ‘Connect to Asana’ screen opens then when I click on it nothing happens in the new window.

Anyone else have a problem like this or know how to resolve this?

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Hi @Robin_Maritz ,

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Does any of the other aspects of Teams to Asana connectivity work ie Create Task etc?

If you are part of a large organisation they may not have allowed the connectivity between Teams and Asana or if you are doing this via VPN the firewall rules may be restricting it.

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Thanks for the reply. I can ‘create task’ via the chatbot, but I am unable to add it to a team or a meeting (even if I am the team owner). We have checked, Asana is enabled in the Microsoft Teams admin console.

I have tried turning off my firewall briefly but this does not seem to improve it.

Encountering the same issue.

Hey @Robin_Maritz and @Chris_Balduino

it seems a few other users were having the same issue yesterday, therefore I recommend having a look at this post

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Thanks! Issue was occurring when trying to connect to Asana through the Teams client. When I accessed Teams through the browser (Chrome) I was able to connect to Asana without issue. Suspect it’s a Teams issue?