Microsoft Teams new app on windows not allowing linking asana to teams as website

We link the asana webpage into Microsoft Teams , using the “website” linking feature in MS Teams. Has always worked very well until the new Teams update. Now I get this message “You’re viewing content from Log in - Asana… Be sure you trust this site before using it. If the site doesn’t load properly, open it in a browser.”

I cannot site to load.

We are having the exact same issue. Asana will not log in. I get all the way through the credentials screens and it just takes me right back to the login screen. No errors. But no progress.

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I setup Asana as a Teams “Website” as well, which would open an Asana web page within Teams for the specified url.

My Teams now says " Unsupported browser". The problem arose a week ago:

I’m not sure what the issue is because I have the latest Chrome and installed FireFox.

I am also having the same issue. Use Web link option in Teams, add the Asana project link and I get the Welcome / Sign in to Asana link. But entering my user name and password just cycles back to the login screen. I can click the ‘Open in browser’ link at the top of the website page in Teams and that opens in the browser and displays the Asana projects in the browser. But not giving desired functionality where the page should display in Asana.

Hi Carl, I was able to resolve my issue by using the reverting back to the old Teams. Asana is now working correctly within Teams.


Try toggling off “New Teams”

For your information and before somebody uses to much time to search a solution, this is a general issue with the new Teams and not only asana related, even SharePoint sites have the same issue:
ext. link to: forum

I switched to old Teams and got the same error. So frustrating! Has anyone found a solution?

Hi everyone and apologies for the late follow-up. Our team has pushed a fix to resolve this issue, so you should all be set now, but please let me know here if you continue running into issues.

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