Asana in web Teams

After spending time on setting up Asana, I found out that the nice project I created in Asana app can’t be opened in web Teams. This essentially rules out using Asama for my team since, for security reasons, I have access only to web Teams. An Asana team that I was able to add in web Teams is super primitive, I’m not sure what I can get out of it.

Hello @Eliyahu_Goldin, my name is Isidro. Welcome to the Asana Community Forum.
All projects created in the Asana app (mobile I guess) can be opened in the web.

Can you share with me a picture of what you are looking?

Hi Isidro,

I’m following instructions from Project view in Microsoft Teams • Asana

When I try to add a Website tab to Teams and point it to my Asana url , I am getting this: refused to connect”

Then, there is a link “If your site isn’t loading correctly, click here”. When I click, I get
“This site won’t load in our web app” with a suggestion to use the desktop app.