Adding project members - new limit?


Hi there Asana fans,

I’ve suddenly got a problem adding people to my project (NOT my team!).

I’m hitting a limit to the amount of people I can add. This never happened previously, and I’m not able to give people access to a project where I could previously.

I’ve removed everyone from the Group Team but myself and deleted/removed all old boards.

But I’m getting nowhere.

Can someone help me work out what’s going on?




Need some questions answered

  1. Organization or Workspace?
  2. Free or Premium
  3. If Premium, how many member seats purchased.
  4. Is main account set up under a domain address
  5. How many many members use your domain address and how many use a non-domain address.

With these questions answered, you can get some questions answered.



Hey Michael from Asana here; @James_Carl here is correct.

Were you looking to add more folks to a free plan? If so, this is probably why you are unable to invite others, since you have reached your 15 member limit.

Either upgrade, by following the instructions available here, or deprovision some folks who no longer wish to host in your Asana space by following the instructions available here, which depend on whether you are removing folks from a Workspace or removing folks from an Organization.

Hope this clarifies some things. Let us know if you have any other questions in the mean time :slight_smile: