Getting a "Team is full. Upgrade to add more members" error when having less than 15 members

I had 4 team members, I just deleted 2 of them. When I try to add a new member it says that my Team is full and would have to upgrade to add more. I only have 2 members and just deleted 2. I think I am able to have 15 members?


Hi @Brad_Unger, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! Can you check if you have Limited Access Members in your Team? These are users that were added as members of only specific projects. Each member that you add to a project will count as a limited access member in your team and will count towards the 15 members limit.

You can check the total number of members in your Team Settings.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you still receive the error after reviewing the list of team members!

HI @Brad_Unger, just checking if you got sorted or need still need a hand with this?

Looking forward to your reply, have a great day!

Yes, I got it sorted. Thanks

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