Adding only task using rule "add to an additional project", without adding subtasks

Hi All,

I’m attempting to condense a detailed project plan into a higher-level overview for the Senior Team Leaders. In doing so, I’m transferring a few tasks and subtasks from the detailed project to the higher-level one. However, when I try to add tasks to the higher-level project using the “add to an additional project” feature, it includes the subtasks in the new project as well, which is not what I intend.

Is there a method to add only the tasks without including their subtasks in another project?

Is it possible to create rule based on Section and move/add tasks in additional project?

Thank in advance.

Hi @Mahen_Meena and welcome to the forum,

No. Asana’s architecture is such that subtasks are connected to their parent. The only way to break that relationship that is to move the subtasks so they’re no longer subtasks of that parent, but that likely defeats the reason you made them subtasks of that parent in the first place.

You could duplicate the parent and attach the duplicate to the higher-level project. But then of course you have two separate copies of that task.

Yes, that’s definitely doable with a rule, for example:

But that will still bring any subtasks along with the parent as discussed above.

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