Rule "Add task to project X only if not already in Project X"

We have a couple of rules that add tasks to other projects. Problem is, when that task is already in that project, then this rule moves the task to the section that new tasks get added to.
So I would love to clarify that it should only be “added” to the project if it is not already there, to not mess up the sorting.

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Just FYI, the “Add task to project” rule action in our Flowsana integration will do what you want; that is, it checks to see if the triggering task is already in the target project and if it is, it does not run the rule.

We’re not using that in our org.

Hi @SPurz ,

Depending on the scope/scale (i.e. how many target projects are there; how many originating projects are there; are there variations in process across these permutations), perhaps you could consider creating a “Added to other project” field (single-select, one option: :white_check_mark:) that gets set when the rule runs. Then, also include a condition in the rule that checks if that field is set to :white_check_mark: already.

Thank you, Stephen.
I did that workaround for one previously, but there are so many other fields already and so many different projects and rules, it’s not really manageable on this scale.