Adding Form submitter as collaborator via Forms without email notification

I want to add the Form submitter as a collaborator in the created task, but I don’t wish for it to send an email notification for submitting the form.
Do I have this option?

Hi @Efrat_Kabilo , the only way to not have the form send them an email is by not asking for their email. So, delete the email question :wink:

If you still want to collect their email, I think you could connect it to a simple text field which should logically not send them an email because you are not using the native email question.

Thank you for your response. I would like to ask for their emails, but I don’t want them to receive email notifications when they submit the form. It’s unnecessary, especially since they are added as collaborators and will receive notifications in their Asana inbox.

Understood, @Efrat_Kabilo . Did you try what I suggested in the 2nd part of my response?

But then I wouldn’t be able to add them ass collaborators, right?

Ah right you are @Efrat_Kabilo !

Indeed, you cannot delete the native ‘Email address’ question which gets added once the form’s settings are set to ‘Organization only’ AND you enable ‘Add submitters in my organization as task collaborators’. Sorry :man_shrugging:

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FYI you can accomplish this via the Forms Support workflow in our Flowsana integration, by using Richard’s solution in terms of the email fields, combined with this opton in our workflow:

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What I do as an Asana user is setting up a filter to automatically mark as read and/or archive the notification emails.