Adding Custom fields to advanced search results

When performing an advanced search I would like to be able to add my custom fields into the results of the search so for example when I look at the list of task for a particular assignee, I can easily see the priorities of the tasks he is working on, or whether they are defects or change requests (both are custom fields I set up)

Go to Advanced Search > add filter > custom field > choose the field
You can;

  • choose a value for the field or say “empty”, “not empty”
  • you can search only one field at the time
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Hi @Ellie_Manor, welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

Please also make sure to add your Fields to the Organization’s library first. If the Fields are only added to the project, they won’t appear as an option in the Advanced Search. You can confirm this information following the steps in this article. The option “Add to your Organization’s field library” should be ticked :slight_smile:


I hope this helps!