Adding/Copying Sections - Feature Request or a Bug?

Is there really no way to add a new “Section” between existing tasks? Or am I experiencing a bug?

According to the documentation, I should be able to do this with CTRL +N? But this is only adding a section at the very bottom of the project…I then have to drag it into place.

A bigger issue: the only reason I’m even needing to do this at the moment is because I Copy/Pasted a chunk of an existing project into a new one and NONE of the sections carried over. I thought this may be because they were the old sections types, created by adding “:”, but I did some testing and even if I Copy/Paste a section created with CTRL + N or via the dropdown option, Copying and Pasting it just leaves unformatted text in a regular task item.

I’m not sure if this is UX oversight or a bug? Seems like this should not be happening?

Hi @Chris_Perryman and thanks for reaching out!

We’re currently transitioning between the old “semi colon” and new “Tab+N” shortcut to create sections; looks like the sections copied /pasted were built with the old system (semi colon), which could explain why you were running into trouble.

Regarding your second question about Section creation: the new section will always show up at the bottom of the section you’re focused on. Essentially you can think of Sections as containers, the new section will always show up right below the focused containee!

Hope this helps to clear things up, but if you have any follow-up questions or comments, please let me know!

@Marie or @Chris_Perryman – we used to be able to change sections into tasks by deleting the semicolons but are no longer able to do this. How do we change this in the new way?

Ho @Meghan_F,

Just dropped you a DM there, looking forward to your reply!

I tried copy/paste with both an old section AND a new one created with the new method and both pasted unformatted.

I think it may have been buggy? It was throwing new sections at the bottom of an 80+ line task list despite sections being in between…but recently it stopped doing that. I haven’t played with it recently tho.

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And what’s about section on mobile (iOS).

I presently working on my phone and boom not able to set à new section with :

How can i create section on mobile , in tasks and subtasks???

Hi @Dominic_Duclos,

Sections on mobile (both iOS and Android) are momentarily not available but will be re-introduced as soon as possible. You can find more information in the following thread: Create Section feature is missing from our mobile app - #9

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