Where are my sections : ?!? on IOS

What ‘s about section on mobile (iOS).

I presently working on my phone and boom not able to set à new section with :

How can i create section on mobile , in tasks and subtasks???

Steps to reproduce:

Browser version:

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Hi @Dominic_Duclos,

Unfortunately a new option to add sections in the mobile app wasn’t launched at the same time the capability to create sections adding colon was deprecated.

I apologize this change has affect your workflow.

For context, the deprecation of sections creation using “:” was necessary in order to implement Switching projects from Boards to List View (and vice versa) .

Thanks for sharing your report. I went ahead and made a note of of it to our product team.


OK, as i understand you will create an other way to create subtasks on ios … am i right ?

Can you estimate the time to braing back the function please ?

We intend to add this functionality in the future, but cannot place a concrete timeline on this addition :frowning: