Add "Weekly Focus" feature on Desktop

Using the Weekly Focus feature in My Tasks on mobile is great.
Please bring it to the desktop!


Hi @Paul_Grobler , I’m not entirely sure what is happening with this ‘Focus’ feature, which seems to be driven by the mobile app.

A few months ago when it first appeared, I created a focus task ‘Test A’ in the mobile app, which then automatically created a section in My tasks called ‘:pushpin: Focus tasks’ and added that task there (note it was an actual task).

Testing it today in another space, from the mobile app, it did not do the above, instead it just appeared as ‘Test 1’ in the image below, adding a header in My Tasks, but more like a ‘note’ rather than a task.

It seems the focus tasks were replaced with this weekly focus note instead :thinking:
@Marie , is that the case? Seems so in the guide

PS: when I close the ‘Weekly focus’ banner on desktop, there does not seem to be an obvious way of getting it back to display in My tasks. :thinking:

@Richard_Sather I Saw both these features, but think they are unrelated. The “weekly focus” is just a textbox on the mobile interface and does not link to any tasks. The ‘:pushpin: Focus tasks’ is just a section that is created at the top of My Tasks.

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Hey guys,

Just started using Asana however I am unable to see or set the ‘weekly focus’ through my iPhone (latest update for everything)

Would love to use this feature as because I cannot set this, the widget feature is unusable

Any Ideas?

Thank you