Add the "Previous Week" filter

Hello, after updating the Asana, the opportunity to view completed tasks for the past week has disappeared. Can it be returned or added back?
If this is not possible, then how can I roll back the update for me. Because this function was very important :sweat: :sob:

Hi @Худякова_Наталья_Вик , welcome to the forum :wave:

Try clearing all filters and add the ‘Completed on’ filter. I think that is what you are looking for.

Just a note, avoid using the ‘Completed tasks’ quick filter as it conflicts with the ‘Completed on’ filter, making it unavailable, as you will see in the pop up / tool tip.

PS: the above regards filters in projects.

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Hello, I tried to clear all the filters, but there is no such possibility to add a “Completed” filter. I attach a screenshot, all the filters that are available

Not here either

Hey @Худякова_Наталья_Вик , your 2nd screenshot is very strange. Can you try loading Asana in an incognito browser window and see if it does the same? Also try a hard refresh using Ctrl+Shift+R.
Are others team members also experiencing this?

Hi @Vanessa_N , I’ve never seen this before. Is this a bug?

Hello. performed a forced update using Ctrl+Shift+R did not help, everything is the same. Other colleagues have the same thing. In incognito mode, everything is the same, there is no filter Completed :thinking:

Hi @Худякова_Наталья_Вик , I still cannot reproduce your issue, either in a project or My tasks, which I just realised is where you seem to be having the issue.

This is what my filters look like:

And I have the same filters, irrelevant to what the ‘Group by’ is set to, i.e Custom Sections, Due date, Created by, etc.

Hi @Danielle-GenD , any ideas why @Худякова_Наталья_Вик is seeing such filters in their My tasks?

Hi @Richard_Sather I’m not sure I have the same view as yourself. Perhaps @Худякова_Наталья_Вик you can log this as a bug in the forum?

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Hello, I will write about the error now. Thanks

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