Add tabs to My Tasks

I love that I’m able to filter my tasks now.

I think it would be even better to take this one step further and add the ability to add tabs in My Tasks just like in projects.

Yes I know I can use a workaround and set up a rule in My Tasks to multi-home everything to a project. But if I’m honest I think that kind of defeats the purpose of having My Tasks…


Thinking about it, I’m wondering why My Tasks is different from other projects?
The only thing that should really be different would be where it is visible when you open a task.

So syncing Project and My Tasks funcionality would:

  • solve this topic
  • solve Apply bundles to My Tasks
  • enable us to make a form for others assigning us work. (And demand that they specify a desired outcome / definition of done for example.)
  • save Asana any future requests for adding that new feature that is added to projects to My Tasks. :wink: