Add sort function to dashboard charts

Charts with larger volumes of custom fields are difficult to view and regularly cut off , hiding important data or insights from the viewer. You are unable to view the additional fields or sort to view in different orders.

Two examples attached
Column chart - unable to view all columns, add sort function to sort highest to lowest
Pie chart - unable to view all sections, unsure if highlighted are actually most important


It would be quite handy indeed!

I am working on producing reports.
The dashboard feature is really great when the project is built correctly.

My issue is that column charts and lollipop charts cannot be designed by ascending or descending order.
So I end up with a chart that is really sore for the eyes

Can we please get the ability to arrange them as we wish

Hi @Rashad_Issa, I completely agree, this would be helpful! I merged your feature request with the thread above to consolidate the feedback (and voted for it :smile: ). Thank you.