Add project templates to Portfolios

I’d love the ability to house my project templates in Portfolios

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Although project templates still live in the Team page, this new feature was quietly added to portfolios a few months ago:

Much like a task template can appear in a project’s Add tasks menu, now a project template can appear in a portfolio’s Add work menu:


And you can set this up in the portfolio’s Customize menu:

Additionally, for easy edit access to project templates used to generate projects in the portfolio, there’s an edit template menu item available as well:




Thanks for this Larry, much appreciated! I hadn’t realized this was here, so very good to know.
I love this new feature, and it does partially address the need. What’s still missing to my eyes (unless I’m just missing it) is having the template listed in the List view of the Portfolio. We’re often editing our templates, so for now I have them all favourited for easy access but I’d rather have them easily accessed from the Portfolio in which they belong (the portfolio in which new projects launched from that template would live).

Not mission critical, but would be nice to have.

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I think you’re in luck. If you use that mechanism to associate project templates from the portfolio, you can also navigate among them to find the one to edit and reach an edit link right there in the portfolio customize menu. See my update to the OP above.

(It’s not the solution you requested–listing templates in the portfolio list view–but I think that would pose problems because it would break existing/expected functionality of rows that list actual projects with status, progress, milestones, custom fields, etc. all with real values.)


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@Emily_Roman @Marie can you confirm whether or not this has been officially released to everyone please?

Yes @Bastien_Siebman, the ability to create project from templates directly from Portfolios was rolled out to all Business and Enterprise customers earlier this year! :slight_smile:

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