Add option in "Due Date" rule action to exclude weekends

I’m completely overhauling my project template for creating a monthly newsletter and building rules to move tasks through a workflow. One of the actions on each rule would be to update the due date to X days from the date each rule is triggered. However, in testing it, the automatically assigned dates frequently fall on weekends, and then I have to manually adjust them, which kinda defeats the purpose of automation.

The Timeline is able to exclude weekends when auto-adjusting due dates, so it always seemed odd to me that excluding weekends in due dates didn’t carry over to other automations and views within the same project. It would be wonderful to make that an option for the Due Date rule action.

I’m not concerned with holidays – those vary so much from workplace to workplace and country to country. But excluding weekends seems like it would be desirable and useful for many users. Thanks!

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