Add links to a project via the API

Is it possible to add links to a project so that they appear in the project overview under key resources? I can’t see anything in the API docs but perhaps I missed something or it is undocumented.

Also, on the key resources page, the text “How we’ll collaborate” is editable. Can this be changed via the API? If so, what’s the field name?

Hi @Douglas_Ferguson,

The API access to that type of info is via “Project Briefs” - see Project Brief API now available as a preview

@Phil_Seeman I’ve seen that in the docs, but there is no mention of added links. How do you add links?

I added one to a project brief , then looked at the result via the API. It’s just a regualr href HTML tag within the html_text property of the project brief object.

Oh yeah. It’s possible to add links to the html_text property and that can be done on the html_text property of the Project without even using the Project Brief end point.

I was hoping to add discrete links so they show up on the resources section.

Ah, got it, thanks for clarifying. Yeah, that’s not currently available via the API, as you surmised.

You can add a link to the resources section by using the “Upload an attachment” endpoint → specify external as the resource_subtype, the project id as the parent and specify the url/name

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Whoa, cool, did not know that - thanks, Tony!