Add Complete or Close Options (not Archive or Delete) to a Project and Abandon a Task

At the Project Level

  • Add “Close” or equivalent to the “Latest Status” option to signify the final update and to formally (and symbolically) enter the project closure phase (for budget, lessons learned steps, etc).


  • Add the option to “Complete” or “Close” a project in the Edit Project Details section (this would also help support the feature of a Due Date that was added when a project is complete. Archive and Delete denote something that is old and/or unusable and not all projects meet that criteria.

At the Task level

  • Add “Abandon”; many projects contain tasks that are abandoned/not done.

  • Add the ability to not complete a task so it stays “Incomplete” and available in the Incomplete task view (the default) for the lifecycle of the Project.

  • Add the ability to have Sections “Keep with Next” so that certain tasks are fixed within a heading no matter what tags or other movement is made. We create a task for Project Contacts and Documentation that stay at the top of the project, but it’s manual, ideally it would be a fixed group/Section.