Add comments to a task with a form or something else

I want people outside the company could add comments to a task.

A workaround I was thinking is a form with a drop-down which loads the “task name” from a certain project and after select the task name accomplish the form and then what you have written appears in that task in the comments.

Is this possible? Or it’s possible any other way?

Hi @Enric_Moreno , this is an interesting scenario!

  1. The closest workaround to natively do this within Asana is to create a form as per below:

    The ‘Task Name’ question is connected to a single-select drop down custom field where you have added your tasks. (you cannot connect this to a live list of your tasks, this is the only draw back). Then add a single line text question and connect this to the Task description field. You can add more questions but make sure to connect them to a custom field so that they don’t also end up in the Task description field, unless you want them to also be in the comment.

  2. Set your form settings as per below:

    The ‘Task name’ value will set the name of the task create by the submission.
    Disable the ‘copy all responses’ (so that only the Comment value will be added)

  3. Create a custom rule (Business or Enterprise tier only) as per below:

    The trigger will be when tasks are added from your form
    And the action will be add a comment. For the comment value, use the + sign at the bottom right to add a the Task>Description variable.

Try submitting a form to see if this is the result you want :wink:

Unfortunately you cannot add a comment to an existing task, unless you look into a 3rd party integration like, or

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I’ll try what you suggest. Thank you so much.

I’m suscribed to Flowsana but I think it’ss imposible to add coments to a created task.

I’ll take a look to Make or Unito

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