Add already recorded Vimeo videos to a new task

It would be helpful from a training and onboarding standpoint to add a previously recorded video to a new task instead of having to duplicate the task because sometimes the trainnig videos I’m creating apply to multiple types of tasks.

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Katie_Caspero :wave:

You can find all videos that you recorded in your Vimeo account.

Just login and access the library

And then copy the link

Please note: it depends on the privacy settings set per video if anybody can watch it, only people with the link or you might have even protected a video with a password.

If you prefer then instead of a vimeo link you can also download the video and save wherever you need it.

Hi @Andrea_Mayer thank you for this response! I’ve tried to do this in the past but whenever I copy the link and put it into a comment on a task, it states that the privacy settings do not allow the videos to be seen. When I go into Venmo I cannot change the privacy settings either (it’s greyed out and doesn’t let me click to change it) but I’m not sure if I’m missing something.

Hey @Katie_Caspero,

apologies for the delayed response.

In you vimeo account under library the privacy settings for each video show and can be amended