Add a wysiwg body field to forms as an option when branching

As an asana admin, I would like a description text field that I can format as an option for a branch.

Currently you can add a heading, see screenshot below. The problem with the heading is I can not format the text.

I would like to be able to add spaces, hyperlinks or email address. You can see from my second screenshots that when a user selects a field from a multiselect I want to just provide the end user an email address to email. I no longer need the end user to fill out more information.

Hi @Allie_Jones , you can add formatted text with hyperlinks in the description of a question; unfortunately not in the question’s name/title. However there is a workaround to this using the multi-select question as described here.

Essentially, as per below, add a multi-select question to your branch without connecting it to any field, and leave any multi-select options blank. It will need a question name, so this could be the first part of your text. Then for the second part of text, you can include any hyperlinks or email addresses because these will be in the question description which you can format as you wish.

Then in your form, it will appear as such:

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