Add a "select all" button to timeine view

As someone who uses timeline view religiously, it would be extremely helpful have a button that selects all tasks.

Often I have a project I want to dupe and maintain the same due dates but for the next year or time period. In these cases, a template isnt ideal and selecting a years worth of dates requires some view changing and zooming out. If there were a button or control + a to select all tasks in timeline view, that would save time.

It wouldn’t be coherent with the fact that Asana has a limit of 50 tasks when bulk-selecting. So they wouldn’t be able to make that button, are if they did no actions would be possible…

The projects are always less than 50 tasks. Honestly a button to select the top 50 tasks in list view or something would be a godsend as well for mass updating data in advanced searches.

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