How to highlight all tasks in Timeline View that are in a dependency string?

I’m looking for an alternative way of highlighting all of the tasks in a dependency string and moving them vertically. Usually I need to move them lower.

I know I can select all the tasks by holding Ctrl and click on them individually to create a group, and I also know I can select a group of tasks by dragging open a “selection window”.

Those both work wonderfully when all the tasks fit on a screen, but I have about 40 dependency strings where the very last task just got moved out about 3 months, and I need to reposition those strings (one at a time!) much lower on the Timeline view. With that final task so far out into the future, I cannot really get them all on the same screen easily.

I found it helpful to change my view to “Months” or “Quarters”. But, by nature of being so “zoomed out” you cannot see the specific calendar dates, so that you don’t accidentally bump the whole thread one day forward/backward whilst moving them vertically.

Any tips?

@Matt5 - unfortunately, there is not currently a way to do this natively in Asana.

However, I might have a free plugin option for you.
My team built a tool called that adds 30+ buttons and automations to the Asana interface that we wish it had natively. What you are asking for… we might be able to create a front-end button that does that.

I’ll discuss it with our developers and get back to you. If we’re able to do it, you’ll be able to use it free forever. There’s a pro plan, but we are changing our free plan so that you can choose your 3 favorite features and keep them free forever.

I’ll get back to you next week as to whether we’ll be able to build this.

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