🪄 Add a new Custom Field type: Reference / Relation / Lookup Field

This is absolutely still a needed feature. scrolling through the activity feed when there are 30+ comments and hunting for a line that identifies other tasks that are linked is not optimal.

A QoL feature that could be done - if adding customizability to dependencies isn’t an option. Would be to have any mentions of other tasks show up in their own subsection. Perhaps at the very top of the comments. That would essentially mimic having a list of related tasks/projects that are officially designated in the task. Not a perfect solution but one that would work and be better than the current option.

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Believe this should be closed and merged with: Add a new Custom Field type: Reference / Relation / Lookup Field

This would be so handy!

this way i could create a project with customer-data (adress, phone etc.)

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Exactly, @Alexander_Ritter , the ultimate CRM! :muscle:

This feature would unlock sooo much potential… I’m still praying for the day! :pray:

Similar to how the custom fields allow for a “People” type, I would like to have a “Project” type. This would automatically filter the values to be an asana “project”. I also want the ability to limit the field to a “single select”, so unlike the implementation of the “people” field it can be restricted to one and only one project.

This would allow tasks that are multi-homed to have a custom field that identifies a “Master-Project”.

As for the single select option: This seems that it would be a useful feature for the “people” type field as well. Another way this could be looked at is a change to the “single-select” and “multi-select” types to allow asana objects to be added to the list of “available” values.

Voted! Implementing this relational field type would significantly enhance our Asana CRM data management. Because of this missing functionality, we’re exploring options to either transition to a comprehensive CRM solution or give Monday a try if it already includes it. But I’d rather continue using Asana as our CRM.

I would like to related 2 tasks (or more) which are similar (but not identical).
Besides, there is a possibility to work on these 2 tasks in parallel.

Thus, I would suggest to have “related to” (or something like that in addition) of “Blocked by” and “Blocking”

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Hi @Jordan38 ,

Welcome to the forum! I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve merged your post with a similar one about lookup/reference fields. Please make sure you vote for it with the purple button at the top!

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I would like to add my voice to the many asking for a Related to relationship between tasks, but I think this should be a small feature change on its own and not linked to this discussion about customised relationships.

We should not have to wait for a long process to implement an advanced customisation feature like this when there is strong demand for a very simple-to-implement, basic feature like Related to. I mean, this is literally the simplest relationship that you can have between two entities and I would have implemented it first before Blocked by and Blocking, which are more specific implementations.


and again.
everytime im thinking “ok this automated workflow could work”, there is ALWAYS a last peace missing.
every time, the features reveal to be only superficial.

I mean goddamn, we pay at least 60$/€ a month, how about some features are actually usefull and are demanded by the users …

your luck asana, that the competition is even worse…