Add a collaborator when assigned tasks while out of office

I would love an option to automatically add a designated person as a collaborator to any tasks you are assigned while you have out of office turned on. This would be a manager, lead, or sr. coworker who is helping to manage the employee’s work while they are out. That way the designated person would have eyes on incoming work, and make adjustments as needed to due date, reassign, etc.


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Until/if this becomes available, with a Business or Enterprise plan you can create a My Tasks rule to do exactly this; you can pause it when you return to office.




EDITED TO ADD: Sorry I didn’t see @lpb 's full response when I posted! But I’m going to leave my comment since I have the screenshot in here, since it might be helpful to folks.

I like the idea of this being a feature that turns on automatically when OOO is set! But until that becomes a feature the behavior could be replicated with a rule on your My Tasks page:

Trigger = Task moved to a section - Recently Assigned
Action = Add collaborators

The trick would be to remember to inactivate the rule when you’re back from vacation!

sample rule