Actual | Estimated Hours need to accumulate in user defined increments.

Actual or Estimated Hours Totals in charts on dashboards total to Weeks, Days, and remnant hours. The first issue is I want to display them in hours. I have already seen that issued posted elsewhere.

In addition to that issue, the totals are based on 7 day weeks and 24 hour days. This makes the chart very misleading and unhelpful. I am assuming there is not a way to define the definition of how many hours a work week is and what days of a week are work days. I have not found any references to that being the case.

As an example, if I have a list of tasks assigned to one person that total 160 actual hours, they will display in the dashboard chart total as 6 days, 16 hours. That is very different then the 4 work weeks (20 work days) it should represent if one person is doing the work.

I first thought there was a bug in the charts until I spent some time drilling into what the issues was. I am including some screen captures of the test project showing the section hours compared to the chart display. I still think this could also be labeled as a bug.

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