Account setup help for three departments on one campus

Hello Asana Community!

I’m a project manager for the Marketing and Communications department at a higher education institution. Shortly after joining the team, I migrated our projects and tasks from Basecamp to Asana, setting up a 15-seat Asana Business division plan specifically for our department. At that point, a few folks had set up free Asana accounts using their work email addresses (which I could see from our admin panel), but no other departments had paid plans.

Recently, two other departments on campus have noticed how streamlined our processes have become and have inquired about joining Asana. If those two departments were to join Asana, how could we:

  1. Keep our marketing and communications projects separate and private from their projects?
  2. Set up our workspaces so that we receive a separate invoice for just the members on our team?
  3. Collaborate with both teams across projects (for example, sharing projects/tasks with another team, adding collaborators from other teams to our tasks, etc.)? Not totally necessary, but it would be a helpful perk if all three teams are using the tool.

Thank you in advance for any insight!

Hi @THamptonPM,

You may want to contact Asana Sales because Divisions are confusing and complicated!

You can also read more in and in this great post:

But, specifically in response:

  1. To keep your work as private as possible, you’d want one Division per department.
  2. For this you’d need to follow the approach above.
  3. By “teams” I assume you mean “departments.” (Teams has a very specific meaning in Asana–a Division is made up those Asana Teams you choose to make up your Division). I’m afraid to achieve what you’re asking for, I believe you’d instead of (1 and 2) you’d want one Division in which all departments’ Asana Teams are placed so that you could collaborate, otherwise members would be charged for each Division they’re in, which would mean those folks would be charged double or triple.

Hope that helps,


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