Collaborative Access in Asana for University Campus Partners

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I work with the marketing and communications team at a university, and we use Asana to manage our projects. Currently, we have a division under the university organization with a Business-level subscription. We use Asana to track initiatives across the entire university.

We’re looking to provide our campus partners access to specific projects and assign them tasks within our division. However, we want to avoid having them become paid members of our division, especially considering the large number of partners across the university.

Here’s my question: Is there a way to invite someone to our division using the same email domain without incurring additional costs for their seat? We are exploring options to streamline collaboration with our numerous campus partners without exceeding our budget.

Any insights or suggestions on achieving this within Asana’s framework would be immensely helpful. Thank you in advance for your assistance!

In a division, as you know, you pay for team members and project members. I don’t know any workaround, which makes sense, this limitation was designed to make sure you don’t avoid paying for members :sweat_smile:

The only known “workaround” is to assign those people at the task level. You might even multi-home all those tasks in a project outside of the Division, potentially through a rule, to “re-create” your projects…

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