About member & guests


  1. How to add company email ID members as guest?
  2. How to give these guests edit/view access (edit to non premium features)

I have a team of 20 people out of which only 4 people need access to premium plan. I am okay if rest 16 people don’t have edit access and can only view.

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Yashvi_Sanghvi :wave:

If you have an Asana organization and you are adding other members that have an email with the company URL they will automatically be considered as part of the org meaning added as paid member.

There are ways to do it by having independent Divisions or Teams that are upgraded on separate paid plans.

In organizations guests would only be people that you invite with an email not from your domain. Guests would also only have access to certain features.

In order to discuss specific options such as divisions or only upgrade for one of your teams it is best to reach out to support and they will be able to assist.

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