Allow 'guest' users to become full members and admins of organizations

I would like to have the ability to become an admin in an organization without the need to have an email from that company. I work as a consultant and Asana Certified Pro so I am regularly in many workspaces. Unlike other work management platforms, Asana requires full members to have a email from a linked domain. This is definitely annoying, adds cost for the client, and I would imagine in some cases not possible. I am all for allowing the guest access structure, but there should be an override feature to allow someone without a company email to become a full member and an admin. Upvote this post and hopefully Asana will make it happen

YES! I think this is posted elsewhere also.

I 100% agree. As a consultant also, it is difficult at times to get an org email especially at larger companies.

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Yes, I am about to onboard a new company. They have free version of both Asana and We are going to drop Monday and move everything into Asana. They were able to give me admin access to their account without issue, but for Asana, I will need to have them issue me a company email and MS 365 account. That may end up being necessary anyways so I can setup the integration with Teams and support them in other ways as my role is much more comprehensive than just Asana, but it would be nice to not need to do this. I tried to search to see if this topic already existed but I could not find it. Hopefully it will get enough votes to get noticed by the product team

WHY would anyone name their software after perceivably the worst day of the week? lol

What I also find frustrating is that I cannot hand off Dashboards or Rules to someone else. Dashboard in universal reporting is nailed to the person who created it. No one else can edit so I cannot set any of these up for clients. Rules are the same way, but worse. When you roll off and they remove your ID from Asana all the rules you created will be paused. So be sure to only add rules in templates as they are then assigned to the person who instantiated a project from the template.

Hi @Jeff.barkun, thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback.

While we don’t have plans to allow Guests to become Members/Admins without an Organisation email domain at this this time, perhaps this is something our Product team can implement in the future.

I’ll keep you posted and let you know if we have any updates :slight_smile:

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Well, this could work if the the guest is a validated Certified Pro or Ambassador. I know it would need a larger validation process but with a shortes list - maybe it could attend such demand.

I believe Asana could be worried about seats in a subscription, because members in the company domain count as a paid seat, whereas you could grant access to people with free e-mails, even being employees.

Maybe I talked too much, but I believe there are some internal policies.

Denis, if you become a full member, you take up a seat, simple as that. There is no need for it to be restricted to Pro’s, the company using the account is perfectly capable of deciding who should be a full member of its workspace. I don’t think we need any intervention here.

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Similarly, our organization is working with a contractor. That contractor has a project manager that isnt able to add rules or fields into any of our projects. We tried upgrading their plan but with no success. We want to add the contractor domain to our organization (since they are working exclusively with us) but I am not sure whether it will require us to grant seats to ALL members under the contractors domain or if we will be able to chose whether they stay a guest or become a (paid) member of our organization.

Does anyone have any knowledge of what would happen if I add the domain to our organization?

Welcome to the community @Majanotmaja,

If you add the other domain, it will be seen as an alias to your current domain and anybody with that new domain will take up a seat on your plan.

I suggest creating a new account on your domain (Even just a forward to the contractor’s email and then let them add that email to their account to merge their current tasks with the new email.

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That is a pretty “doable” workaround - thanks for your insights, Paul!