Ability to manually adjust Date Format in Asana Settings

Is this still not resolved? This seems a bit ridiculous to me. I’m getting more and more frustrated with Asana and closer to considering leaving it.

Really frustrating…how can we upvote this more? Petition?

Any chance Asana can address this concern for us? I’m the only one in my team working in Asia and am working on CST. All our calendars are set to CST and it has been confusing for me to see items on my calendar that’s actually scheduled on the next day for my team.

Disappointing that you can’t set the time zone. Thread startet in 2018, now its 2021(!)

Same here. My System Location is set to Germany, my Browser has inherited those settings correctly (see attached screenshot). Please fix this. Thank you.


There are 2 issues being conflated in the thread. they’re headaches to implement in all products, but that’s not an excuse to just ignore them

  1. International Date Formats MM/DD vs DD/MM. It’s really easy to make a mistake here. Just move everything to YYYY-MM-DD and keep the programmers happy

  2. Assuming time zones based on GeoIP. This may not be accurate in the first instance with corporate networks or VPNs. International project teams would find it useful to switch time zones to match the specific project they’re working on. For example I might have a project with head office in the states that I want to see in EST, but a second project out of the UK I want to see in GMT, as well as my own private tasks I want to see in IST.


This is an open item for 4…FOUR…YEARS!!! This is the simplest of requests. This is a project management tool, don’t force a date format. There are myriad reasons to not pick up the date format from the browser…not the least of which is Chrome is the dominant browser and it ties date format to region (which is also stupid). But regardless, it is not a “solution” to have to change a setting outside asana, which affects many other things, to get the right outcome IN asana. And Chrome doesn’t seem to offer the ISO standard date format anyway. Bush league.


Region - Singapore. Changed everything (browser, system, etc.) to ISO (or at least not american) format. But Asana still showing dates in the most dumb and confusing format on the planet Earth.

Seriously, you can’t deal with that for 4+ years? I see the topic is not new. And that is not the only customer feedback that you seem to ignore completely. Barely started with Asana, but I already know, that it that was up to me, it will be never my choice.

Chrome settings solutions worked for me. Thanks! If you don’t use Chrome as your Internet Browser change the settings in your browser to your country English and the date should change to what you want.

This is still broken. I’ve changed every setting I can. I’m using Edge, I’m in Australia, but still get MM DD YYYY. It’s a real problem, and another fault that hinders the usability of asana.