Ability to import hyperlinks via CSV Importer

I have hyperlinks in my “description” tab on my spreadsheet but they are not showing up as hyperlinks in Asana

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Hi @Kathleen_Allan, thanks for reaching out and sorry for the trouble here!

I suspect this might be related to the rolling out of a new text editor, which only renders URLs created with anchor tags as hyperlinks. I’ve escalated your request for our development team to confirm!

After testing this on my end, I see that simply adding a space after each URL in the task description turns the URLs into hyperlinks. I understand that this is far from ideal but it can be a quick fix while we’re working on fixing this issue.

Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime!

please - this is quite annoying :frowning:

@Emily_Roman is there any update on this please? I would also like to know how to get hyperlinks into CSV-imported task descriptions :grinning:

@Emily_Roman is there an update for it? I am trying to get hyperlinks into CSV imported task descriptions too.


I also am interested in this. Thank you!

We are also interested in this - any update?

@Emily_Roman I would like an update, please. I have a similar problem, except my hyperlinks are in a custom field column.

Hi @Katie_Kendle, thanks for reaching out and sorry for the delay here! Our product team has confirmed that is currently not possible to import hyperlinks via the CSV importer and we don’t have any ETA on when this option will be available again. I’ve gone ahead and moved this thread to our #productfeedback category so I can keep you posted once I have any updates.

Add me to the list of people needing this. It’s a really bad bug for those of us that import things. Makes the descriptions look awful and not operate correctly.

This is a bug or a developer oversight. If you added the feature to support hyperlinks in the description field and an imported CSV has the hyperlinks then the hyperlinks should be imported. Isn’t that clear? This capability is not an option. Hyperlinks make Asana projects easier to set-up and use. Please respond!