Ability to Filter Projects in the sidebar

Working with a couple agencies and they have unique needs. One is to archive teams and another I would like to explore is the ability to filter project on the left black bar.

Use Case:
As an agency, you tend to have many similar projects used across many teams (using teams for clients as each client has multiple projects). I currently have 5 Design Projects across 5 teams. When I sit with my designer, it would be nice to filter out all the project to just the design projects so I can easily go between them as needed in review.

Searching Design Project just gives me a list of tasks which isn’t ideal.

You could have your project list as a list of tasks, each task mentioning the project. That way you can filter the list of tasks, and navigate. Also works with Portfolios…

Yes, but that doesn’t give me the view desired.

People function from standard views. List of projects, or lists of favorites. To keep with this method, and not show yet another view, it would be nice to filter projects on the left. Or even by project owner, or project categories if such a thing existed.

Many of the clients I work with have a hard enough time navigating.

Currently I can let them drive meetings as their project list is much smaller, but then you have the ‘no, click there. no, one more down.’

Thanks for the reply.

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I agree.

A lot changed for me the day I realized the sidenav is quite useless, and the search bar is actually the easiest to reach a project quickly (given than your naming convention allows it)


100% agree, search should be the default.

For those in Asana all the time, as we are, that is natural, but those who are just putting status in, such as designers, copywriters, developers, it is more than just a struggle.

I have, NO JOKING, had to set up a project that lists all of a users task because they couldn’t get My Tasks understood.

As a PM, my job is to find (or create) the most efficient way for people to work. Being able to remove all the noise and focus on just that one report’s tasks/project is key.

However, there are some that work just fine out of My Tasks. Even when I have sprints cards, they rather work out of My Tasks. Most actually uses Asana with email or Slack which then makes Asana platform look very foreign to them.

Anyway… sorry about the rant :slight_smile:

You are right, I sometimes design workflows where tasks are not assigned to people, because this is easier.

Some off topic, but that’s exactly how I use OS X since forever.
The search bar is just fantastic