Ability to expand/contract all subtasks in task list at once

Yes - please . I am just testing the Asana software (looking for Trello alternatives) I like it but - its the first thing I googled after using Asana for about half an hour . Keep subtasks expanded on board view please. Also Id like the choice to see details on the card as well

It reads more like a requirements miss to me. The features intent was to work, however, it doesn’t work under certain circumstances. I’d expect QA to catch this and make a note of it to PM or dev and for Dev or PM to schedule that in a sprint to fix. It’s a bug at best.

I can’t believe this still isn’t available after such a long period of time

I’m working on a Chrome extension that will give folks this functionality — and a lot more. I’ll update this thread when we finish developing it and it gets approved.

Hi Gonçalo! I see that your reply was marked as a solution but I can’t figure out how to do this. I am in the list view with no filters active, and I can’t find anywhere that I could tell Asana to expand all tasks. Is there a keyboard shortcut for this or something?


Hello, I’m still not able to expand all subtasks on either the list or board views. Can you explain more precisely how you do it? thanks.

yes would be great but one year old request so I guess it’s a no

Yes we could greatly use this feature!

How is this listed as solved? Not even close to a resolution unless I am missing something.

This is my #1 complaint with Asana. I never use My Tasks b/c anytime I navigate off the product page, it undoes all of the subtasks I have expanded.

Note that despite their being several merged threads around this issue, they are not all combined here, so there are 100s (minimum) of upvotes for this feature request.

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I need this feature ASAP please!

This is my day 1 on Asana and as I’m starting to like it, I hit this blocker. Absolutely need this feature!

We are using this tool for presenting and having to expand 30+ tasks each time we meet is a insanely bad CX.

Another upvote for this feature! Thank you :pray:

+1 Thank you!

This is a fantastic suggestion! We use subtasks heavily to keep bog projects more manageable, using a “Daily Stand Up” board to capture the smaller actions in subtasks. We would love to be able to expand all subtasks with one click and confirm the right items are in the current sprint

+1. I would love to see the tree of subtasks in one view and also see them in the timeline.

A VERY big +1 from me on this one! Not having this feature pretty much makes the list view super useless for sub-task lovers out there!