Ability to expand/contract all subtasks in task list at once

Yes - please . I am just testing the Asana software (looking for Trello alternatives) I like it but - its the first thing I googled after using Asana for about half an hour . Keep subtasks expanded on board view please. Also Id like the choice to see details on the card as well

It reads more like a requirements miss to me. The features intent was to work, however, it doesn’t work under certain circumstances. I’d expect QA to catch this and make a note of it to PM or dev and for Dev or PM to schedule that in a sprint to fix. It’s a bug at best.

I can’t believe this still isn’t available after such a long period of time

I’m working on a Chrome extension that will give folks this functionality — and a lot more. I’ll update this thread when we finish developing it and it gets approved.