Ability to expand/contract all subtasks in task list at once

Seconding this! I was definitely assuming “set layout as default view” would have remembered which tasks were open.

Ideally, navigating between projects should not lose the state of which subtasks are expanded or not.

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:100: on this. Would love it if the default view you saved simply remembered which tasks you have expanded and incorporated that into the default.

Dear Asana coders -

PLEASE provide this functionality. A collapsed version of tasks with subtasks for many of us is quite useless as the detail within subtasks provides all the content of a task. For me, I would set the list display to full expansion and leave it there. In fact, if the ability to collapse subtasks were removed, I surely would not miss it!

I know that a lot has happened to us all over the last 9 months, but perhaps now - after 9 months - you can add this functionality. As a coder myself, I gently suggest that it would be extremely easy for you to do.

Thanks for you consideration, and looking forward to joining a throng of happy users when you can deliver on this.

It is timeconsuming to each type click on all tasks… can you please update by when this feature will be available ?

+1 Please! :pray:t2:

This feature is much-needed for large projects, such as the master project (which I have to create and update manually).

Every new task created in the organization is added to the master project. Then I manually organize each task so that it is listed under the correct section and in order. It has been very inefficient and tiresome to scroll, wait to load more, scroll, wait to load more, and repeat. :cold_sweat:

+1 This would be immensely useful. It’s incredibly challenging to manage large projects at scale when you can’t see everything. Additionally it is painful when you need to move subtasks around.

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This definitely needs to be added so one can see the entire task list, including subtasks. It is too time-consuming and cumbersome to open up each task in order to see what’s hidden behind the magical triangle.

There are several features Asana has added or modified over the years that appear to be useful but actually aren’t, and this is one of them. If I remember correctly, a few years back you could see all of the tasks, including subtasks, on the main list view without having to click triangles to expand the list. Why can’t that original functionality be restored?

Our firm has used Asana on and off for over 5 years and I have to say that it has become bloated and over complicated. The excess of steps just to look at a sub-task, and the cumbersome layout of the screens when you look at the subtasks is just one example.

It’s been over a year since someone first commented on this subtask issue and it still hasn’t been resolved. This along with their current pricing and seat structure/strategy is one of several reasons why we have decided to look elsewhere when our subscription comes to an end. But that’s a discussion for another day.