Ability to disable pop up notifications when creating/copying/deleting a project or task

The popups not only block important items on the project sidebar, but since they’re animated they can get very distracting. When moving around lots of different tasks around a timeline, for example, the whole left column is flooded with popups that are sliding in and sliding out all over the place. Having so much movement going on to the side inevitably draws the eye away from your actual work.

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I truly cannot describe how much these animations ruin what could be such a great product experience.

Common actions like completing a task or changing a setting generate an annoying pop up that blocks other key functionality like the sidebar. It creates a kafkaesque UX where every click requires an additional click to close the pop up. It’s like browsing the web in the early 2000s. These animations not only significantly slow the feel of the app, but they are wildly redundant. I just clicked the complete button, I don’t need a pop up re-affirming that I clicked it. I also don’t need a unicorn flying across the screen, simultaneously celebrating my completion of “review sales dash” task and blocking my view of the other stuff I have to do.

I hate to be a kill joy. I’m sure some folks derive real joy from these animations and pop ups, but for the rest of us please let us turn them off. My company makes me use Asana, Asana is the only one who can save me from its pop ups.

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You can disable the unicorn celebrations in settings already. Totally agree with the rest of your post though. Those popups need to go.

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I’m throwing my vote in for a way to disable pop-ups. Nice for introducing new things, but unnecessary for every action.