Ability to disable pop up notifications when creating/copying/deleting a project or task

I tried something I saw above. I downloaded the Chrome extension called “User Javascript and CSS” this morning that some of the other users mention higher up. I added this CSS to the right side window pane and saved it to affect all of asana.com.

.TipToast.ToastContainer {
display: none!important;

.ToastManager {
display: none!important;

I did a hard refresh of my Chrome browser and they’re gone. When I check off my tasks, this is overriding the CSS and keeping those floating windows away. I recommend it, Christina. It’s a quick installation and config.

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We need these pop-ups gone. They’re constantly in the way.

So has Asana responded about disabling pop-up notifications when I am changing tasks? It’s super annoying because it’s a distraction that disrupts my thoughts.

Thanks! This worked for me.

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Glad it helped. :raised_hands:

This option didn’t work for me, but using uBlock Origin, I was able to select the pop-ups on the page and it actually just blocked them for me!

Has Asana seriously not fixed this issue yet? This thread was created over 4 years ago! How do I remove these annoying pop up notifications without installing any add-ons? @Rebecca_McGrath is there a reason why?

It Workt! Thank You :slight_smile:

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Hiya, has this been fixed yet? I can’t seem to find any info. Thanks!

Chiming in on this, as I see many others share my frustration. The overly-intrusive UI (primarily these notifications, but also the huge modal that slides over every time I click a task) is the sole reason I don’t use Asana as my primary roadmapping tool. Other users have gone so far as to turn off these notifications via a Chrome Javascript hack. Clearly there’s a massive need for a simple option here.

After 4 years, when can we count on Asana for a resolution?


Hello?! Earth to Asana - do you guys follow up on stuff?!

Any update on this topic? The popups really interrupt workflow.

I despise these stupid, obtrusive, and useless popups. Please, for the love of Nutella, give us a way to at least temporarily turn these off!

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please stop them

This for me is a deciding factor if I keep on with my premium after the trial or not… please FIX THIS or I won’t be staying.

popups are TERRIBLE

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Considering moving to another platform/application just because of this annoying “feature”

Yes please fix this issue. It’s rather annoying to deal with as its in the way of other features.

This horrible “feature” needs an off switch. Quit dragging your feet, Asana.