Ability to add formulas to columns in portfolios and projects

Hey @Marie and my fellow Asana peeps! Happy Monday! I have a team that is moving away from using their Portfolio for their status meetings because they need to add columns with financial info to track campaign spend and pacing. They need these columns to calculate so they can see if they are on track or off track. Since we are seeing more functionality in the way of spreadsheet views, I am wondering if there is any plans to add functionality to the portfolio to enable formulas and calculations on those fields. I know there is some simple math like totals in workflow view with capacity and time which is great. But we suddenly find ourselves with this next level need and functionality in the projects view of the portfolio.

I would love to keep my team in Asana and the lack of the ability to do stuff like this is giving them a reason to move away from the platform and creates the need for them to create and maintain a separate document. Plus their conversations impact the projects and that info will become disconnected from the projects which should be our single sources of info.

Looking forward to hearing some feedback from the community and Asana.


Hi @StephanieC :wave:t3:

Great question, and thanks for providing some context and your vision for this feature request, this is super useful! I don’t believe this is our immediate plans, but since we’re starting to implement formulas at the project level (Sum), I’m confident we will eventually add them to Portfolio too :slight_smile: I’ll make sure sure to keep you posted via this thread as soon as I have some update!

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