Ability to add a Net Promoter Score question in Forms

Hi @Marie and Asana friends,
I’m creating an evaluation form in Asana for my colleagues to complete. Is it possible to add in a Net Promotor score question? Are the question formats (i.e single line, multi-select etc.), the only question formats available?
Look forward to hearing and thank you in advance,

Welcome, @Camille_Evans1,

For codified data like this, the best practice is to first create a Custom Field in your Asana project for this purpose, then when you edit the form, add a question using the field type that matches the type you used for the custom field. You’ll see an option to “connect” the form field to the custom field; that’s what you want to do.

If you just want to do choices like 1-10, I’d recommend a single-select custom field with option values for 1 … 10. When you edit the form and add a single-select type field and connect it to this custom field, you’ll see the 1…10 options automatically, and form submissions will map the answer into the custom field automatically for you.

You can find free, pre-specified custom fields from @Richard_Sather here:

but I don’t think he has a Net Promoter one (or maybe I missed it) but you can get ideas.

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