5️⃣ ways to share progress using milestones

Milestones are just tasks you decided to turn into a milestone. The differences between a task and a milestone are pretty thin, but they are enough to find new ways to share progress.

First, a milestone is usually a better way to communicate progress. Completing a milestone has more meaning than completing X tasks because the number of tasks between milestones could be widely different, the milestones themselves are rare enough to give them special importance.

If you are ready to use milestones in your projects, here are 4 ways to share progress with your team and stakeholders.

:one:You can use the advanced search to find milestones specifically, within several projects. The search can then be saved as a report you can share or report back to.

:two:The milestones from several projects could be multihomed into a dedicated project, meant to only host milestones. That project could be shared with stakeholders, giving them access to the milestones only and not the rest of the projects.

:three:If you are on Business, you can use Portfolios. Inside a portfolio, you can then decide how the progress is being reported, either with task completion or milestone completion.

:four:Finally, when using Portfolios you get access to the Portfolio Timeline. That view, in addition to show projects and their dates, only shows milestones.

:five:The brand new Overview tabs shows milestones of the project! Thanks @Jerod_Hillard for this one.

There you go: 5 ways of using milestones to share progress!

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Make it 5 @Bastien_Siebman! Milestones are cleanly bundled on the Overview which is a great way to show how the intent of a project is being met!


Thanks Jerod, just added it!

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