Your Simple (or Advanced) Strategy for Asana’s My Tasks

Thanks for helping with this. I also have the same problem!

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@lpb Larry, I read over your Medium article and it is wonderfully helpful! A few questions:

Do I understand from your “advanced” image that your “Now” section is the only one that draws tasks upwards based on due date approach?

Do you use “Now” for a single task at a time that’s the highest priority and store the rest for the day (urgent or not) in “Today”?

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Thanks for the nice comments, @Paul.Harren, and the great questions.

That right; that’s how I describe it in the article for simplicity, and that approach works, but I actually now don’t make “Now” the destination of near-date rules; instead I do that in Today (due today) and Upcoming (Due in a week) and I include the “—” separation entry in those sections as well.

That would be a fine use that some might prefer for clarity and focus, but I’m less rigid and prefer to use it for all those items that I expect to do as soon as time permits, kind of as an even higher priority than today. But it would be fine to use your own interpretation here that works best for you.

Hope that makes sense,


Thank you again Larry. What you described does make sense!

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