Workload: when a project goes past due

We have a project who’s due date is past. We don’t want to change the due date in the due date column /bc we want to track that its went over. But now this project is picking up speed again and the assignee is now working on tasks again but since the due date has past its no longer accurate in the workload view. What are ways you’ve handled this?

Hi @Amber_Linthakhan I use a date custom field called baseline and it will then give you an idea of the original time frame. Also keeping the project due date as the original will help show where things have moved from overall.

would you mind sharing a photo, i’m intrigued by your solution. Is the ‘baseline’ in your project or is that in workload?

Hi @Amber_Linthakhan you would add it to your project as a custom field. It doesn’t work in timeline or workload.