How exactly do we use the Project Due Date? Can we get a Calendar showing "All Project Due Dates"?

I only recently noticed that projects can have start dates / due dates. At least, at our purchased level, it’s available. Also, it has toggles for “on track, at risk, off track” which is thoughtful.

I’m not sure we need to use that feature, but I’m trying to understand how this is used.

Let’s assume you’re the owner of a large company with 100-200 projects going on (all the projects are similar in scope, manufacturing and installation of residential construction).

How does someone look at a calendar view showing the “30-thousand feet high view” of where all these projects are? Their name, due dates, etc?

I know how to look at the calendar view for all the tasks within that project. But how do I look at the due dates for ALL the Projects?

I believe the view you are looking for is the Timeline view in a Portfolio. Apart from that, in my opinion, project dates don’t have a lot of benefits… @LEGGO any advice?


That’s exactly it, @Bastien_Siebman! Hopefully in the future you will be able to use Universal Reporting to show start/due dates on projects - this still would likely be a Business feature as well.


Very helpful. I’m not familiar with using Portfolios, so I’ll dig into it and see how to use them to our advantage.

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