Tracking when a due date moves

Hi there - I am a project manager for a creative department for a wellness brand. I am trying to keep better track of when a due date is moved. Currently I have a custom field for “Originally due” and then a drop-down custom field for “Moved due to” to track the reasons a due date was moved.

I’m curious to see if there are any use cases out there for someone who has implemented something similar on their end.

I ask because I think this might become a bit problematic with my creatives due to the presentation of the custom fields.

For example, I have a project with a due date that moved to a later date due to some info missing. The task and the custom fields are present like so:

I am concerned a member of my team might see this and think there is information still missing and not touch the assignment. Any ideas?

Hi @Shanie_Los_Fonseca. We have been adding comments as a way of tracking any change to task due dates. It is not as visual, but it does avoid too many fields on the screen. As with any manual system, there is a bit of hit and miss of comments being entered. I honestly don’t see an issue with using custom fields to track the “why” around the due date change as you have done. You just need to be very clear with your creatives to focus on the project “Status” field…and if the task is not ON HOLD, it should be worked on. Maybe change the colour of the “Moved due to” field categories to all be GREEN. :slight_smile: