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In the previous post, Bastien_Siebman seems to have identified what the poster was looking to do. We are trying to accomplish the same thing, where we have certain tasks the need to be completed before the date we assign (let’s say 1st of the month) and other tasks that need to be completed after. However, in the template setup we can only select one or the other, after project start date or before project due date.

Is there any solution for this, to set task due dates both before and after the project date?


You currently can’t choose what I call a “pivot date”. My suggestion: decide on a start or end date, and pick the task that will be the oldest or youngest, and give instructions to people (potentially in template name) like “Event template (end date + 35d)”… Not ideal but does work…

Is this clear?

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Thanks. Yeah, that works, it’s just strange when you have to set the due/start date to a random date. Is there a way to submit this as an enhancement? I feel like it should be pretty easy from a dev standpoint, all we’re doing is moving the task due decisioning down one level, from project to task.

They recently introduced the custom fields of type Date, I feel like it would solve your need. The only limitation at the moment is the inability to have Rules based on Date field.

The dev complexity is usually only part of the discussion, you also need to talk about added complexity, cost over time, alignment with your vision…

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