Feature request: in project templates, allow task due dates before AND after the project anchor date

When creating a project template, users currently have the option to choose between two due date models: “# of days after the project start date” or “# of days before the project due date.”

I have a use case that doesn’t fit well into either due date model and requires more flexibility in setting relative due dates.

I am making a project template for the planning cycle of a large annual event that my organization puts on. Task due dates range from 500 days before the event (booking space, brainstorming theme) to several weeks after the event (follow-up tasks). In the template, it makes most sense to set the due dates relative to the date of the event, using the “before project due date” schedule type. However, there is no option to set relative due dates after the event date for our follow-up tasks. Please add this functionality! This is significantly limiting the usability of templates for our needs. (For now, we will have to set all tasks that should be due after the event to be due the day of the event instead, and will have to remember to manually correct these due dates each time a project is created from the template. This introduces a significant opportunity for error, particularly in the case of staff turnover.)

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