Project Due Date Differs from Relative Due Date in Template

When creating a project from the template, the date in the project differs from the relative date entered into the template.

The relative due date populated in the project is shown as a month out, however, the relative due date set in the template is 21 days. The project due date is October 17, and the task due date should be September 26 (not September 18 as populated in the project).

For reference, I have attached the task details.

@Marie @pforumleader @ambforumleader has anyone seen this when working with the new templates?

I’ve been working with Mikaela on this and can’t seem to figure out what is going on.

@Mikaela_Sanford Could this be that weekends were taken into account and this changed the date calculation?


Thank you for your response, Paul. We were able to solve the issue using your suggestion - and we are good to go! Thanks again :grinning:

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@Mikaela, were weekends on or off?

Yes and no; we set up the template to not cover weekends but the “days out” we used did factor in weekends. The “days out” we set up in the initial template were not correct (we manually adjusted these in the template). The dates that we adjusted manually were determined by simply counting back 21 days from the start date not including weekends, so the new project did give us the correct date. Basically, our math was wrong.

This explanation might be convoluted, so let me know if it makes sense.

@Mikaela_Sanford – Makes sense!

@Marie – I tested this in the Phoenix space to see what happens if someone creates a template from an existing project with a task scheduled on a weekend.

Once you convert it to a template, the relative due date automatically calculates based on the assumption that you don’t want to include weekends. Once in the template builder, changing the due date settings to not skip weekends does not recalculate the relative due dates.

For example, My project is always due on a Tuesday, that’s the day of the week we always host our events. The Saturday before the event (3 days before) I am expected to arrive at the venue and verify a list of items. The Tuesday before (7 days) I am expected to ship items to the hotel.

When I create that project outside of the template builder and convert it to a template it looks like this:

  1. Ship Items to Hotel | 5 days before
  2. Verify Items with Hotel | 3 days before
  3. Host Event | On Project Due Date

After I change the due date settings to not skip tasks on weekends task 1 remains with a relative due date of 5 days before, making the due date Thursday instead of Tuesday.

I’m not sure how many organizations this will impact, but I think it is work noting.

@ambforumleader @pforumleader – Has anyone found any workaround for this?

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