Can't create template from existing project and use dates relative to DUE date

I think this may just be due to the update to V2 of templates, but it seems like I can no longer create a project template from an existing project and select whether I want the relative dates to be calculated from the start or end dates of the project. It only seems to default to start date. This really makes templates useless for 90% of our work.

Has anyone else experienced this or have a work around? Yes I can make a template from scratch, but that defeats our current processes of integrating project improvements into future templates. Thanks!

Hi @3rika,

Actually you can, but IMO it’s definitely not obvious how/where.

To set the reference date as the project due date instead of start date, click the pencil icon as shown in the graphic here; that will open the Schedule Type window and you can select “From project due date”.

Wow. Thank you so much! I didn’t watch that clip for long enough to see the pencil before. You’ve just salvaged Asana for me! :grinning:

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